About the Company

About the Company



Garbage and Recycling Collection That Cares

Best Trash has only been around for 10 years, but in that time, we’ve become the largest privately-owned residential waste collection company in the Houston Metro Area. We currently provide trash and recycle pickup services to over 200,000 residential customers through 175 contracts with various Municipal Utility Districts and Homeowners Associations.

We attribute our phenomenal growth to our commitment to serving our customers. Our company has never lost a contract due to service issues, and our owners and staff have decades of experience in the solid waste industry, so they know how to get the job done right.

We love being a local business and serving our friends and neighbors, and we count our employees as both. Our workers are known in the neighborhoods they serve as friendly, helpful folks who go above and beyond their duties on a regular basis. That’s no accident either - our employees work hard because we take care of them, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Best Trash Cares About Its Employees

As a business, Best Trash knows that happy employees do the best work, and that’s why we’re proud to say we take care of our employees and treat them right. We only employ full-time workers that are the highest paid industry. Our employees are well-trained and enjoy health benefits and workplace support. When our staff is serving your neighborhood, you’ll notice the difference that satisfied employees make when it comes to service.

Our Sanitation Engineers

Responsible for residential garbage collection, Best Trash currently employs individuals responsible for garbage collection services.  Our Drivers are DOT certified; our crews wear high visibility clothing uniform in order to safely collect from each residence.   For the best service and safety, we always have two workers on the back of each collection vehicle.

Our Mechanics

Responsible for the maintenance and routine service of the garbage trucks and company, our mechanics keep our business running. Whenever possible our mechanics always use environmentally safe practices with our vehicles as part of our commitment to being a responsible local business.