Heavy Trash & Bulk Items

Heavy Trash and Bulk Items FAQs 


Do you pick up paint?
Yes, we can pick up paint and paint cans, but they must be dried first. Let paint sit out in the sun until it is dried or use a drying agent like kitty litter to dry the paint.  Once the paint is fully dried, please set the cans to the curb with the lids removed for collection.
Do you pick up tree branches?
Yes, we can pick up tree branches, shrubs and brush trimmings, but they need to be properly tied and bundled. All tied bundles must be less than 40 pounds and no greater than 4 feet in length with no branch diameter exceeding 3 inches. These requirements allow for easier pick up and prevent damage to our equipment. Please limit to no more than 10 tied bundles at a time.  Please do not fill your trashcan with the limbs that are longer than 4 feet.
Can I fill my trashcan with branches or wood?
No, please do not use your trashcan to fill up with wood or branches.  Although it may seem easier, but it is more difficult and unsafe for the employees. Please refer to the rules regarding limbs, fencing or any type of lumber. 
Do you pick up fence pickets or lumber?
All wood, fence pickets and lumber need to be tied and bundled less than 40 pounds and no greater than 4 feet in length with all nails either hammered down or removed. We cannot collect any fence posts with concrete. These requirements allow for easier pick up and prevent damage to our equipment. Please limit to no more than 10 tied bundles at a time.
Do you pick up carpet?
Yes, we can collect up to 1 room of carpet.  Carpet must be rolled and tied in bundles no longer than 4 feet in length and no more than 40 pounds and placed on the curb.  The same applies to the carpet padding as well. 
Do you pick up unlimited bags of yard debris?
No, we will collect up to 10 bags, not heavier than 40 lbs., per pickup day.  If you have more than what we can take, we will split it between collection days until fully collected. 
Do you pick up large items like appliances or furniture?
Yes, we can collect large items, but no more than two on a collection day.   If the furniture contains tile or ceramic material, we will not be able to collect it.  Please place your large item at the curb on collection day prior to 7am.
Do you pick up mattress and box springs?
Yes, we can collect both the mattress and box springs, but no more than two each collection day. Please place your mattress and box springs at the curb on collection day.  Yes, we do collect Queen and King size mattresses.
Do you pick up refrigerators, freezers or air conditioners?
Yes, we can pick up refrigerators and freezers, but they must be drained of freon first. By Federal Law, refrigerators and freezers or any other items containing Freon must be drained of Freon and have an accompanying bill to validate such service was performed. Please attach the validation bill to the item before placing it at the curb for collection.
Do you pick up hazardous waste or household chemicals?
We cannot collect hazardous waste, please visit your county’s household hazardous waste facility for proper disposal options.

Harris County: Hazardous Waste Recycling

Fort Bend County: Hazardous Waste Recycling   

Do you pick up Christmas trees?
Yes, you may set your Christmas tree to the curb on either service day for collection.
Do you pick up shingles?
No, this part of construction trash and we do not collect.
Do you pick up sheetrock?
No, this part of construction trash and we do not collect.
Can you pick up storm debris? How do I get rid of my storm debris?
We do not collect waste generated from the result of a storm. Please be patient during this process, if you have storm debris that you need collected the county will typically make rounds through the communities affected by the storm to have the storm debris removed. If you are in Harris County, please visit http://harrisrecovery.org/debris-removal/ to see the  proper guidelines and size limitations for the debris collection. If you have hired a contractor to remove the debris from your home  you will need to make arrangements to have the debris hauled off by the contractor.
How do I place my trash at the curb after a storm?
 Please see picture.
What items are not accepted?
Items excluded from normal collection are dirt, mulch, rocks, bricks, tile, concrete, tires, batteries, motor oil, cooking oil, waste generated by a private contractor or any materials or items deemed hazardous materials.   Please do not dispose of gasoline, motor oil, paints, cooking oil, or any other liquid items in a container that is not visible to Contractor personnel.  If it results in spillage, that causes a stain, Best Trash is not responsible for the clean-up.   
What if I need to clean out the entire house?
Please email several different pictures of your pile to customerservice@besttrashtexas.com so that we can provide you a quote for collection.  Please be sure to include your neighborhood name and address.   


What if my item is not listed on this page?
Please contact our office at 281-313-2378 or email customerservice@besttrashtexas.com.